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Virtual Services


• Personal Homebirth Consultations

• Healing From Traumatic Births​

• Homebirth Planning Assistance

• Homebirth Mini-Classes

• Dads Discussing Homebirth
• Homebirth DeMystified Presentation

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Personal Homebirth Consultations

During these personal consultations, I encourage you to ask any questions and concerns you have about pregnancy, homebirth, breastfeeding, and Proper Postpartum Care™.

I abundantly offer my extensive experience, encouragement, and inspiration, during your session. $150

Healing From Traumatic Birth

In a completely judgement free, one-on-one session, I will help you unpack your past traumatic births and give you tangible, actionable items to help you heal from them. By the end of our conversation you will be empowered to overcome the past, expedite the healing process, and be on a clear path toward the birth you actually want! $100



Homebirth Design 

My life's purpose and passion is helping women manifest their best birth experiences. I do this by guiding you through the planning and preparation of a birth, from active labor to holding your baby, including a room arrangement diagram, which will put you on the path to having a birth that is as beautiful and as special as you are.  $200


Homebirth Mini-Classes

These are 15 minute on-demand video classes which cover individual topics. Current Classes available are:

1. What is Proper Postpartum Care™

2. How to Make a Birth Plan

3. How to Choose the Midwife and/or Doula that is a perfect fit for You!

4. Optimal Positions and Pain (Discomfort) Relief during Labor

5. Re-Programming Your Mind for the Birth You Want

6. Healing From Miscarriage

Dads Discussing Homebirth

Men play a very important role in the birthing process. Dads Discussing Homebirth™ is a one on one session, with my husband, who is thoroughly experienced with the birthing process.  He knows exactly what it takes to help a mother feel safe, secure, comfortable, and even pleasure, as she brings forth new life. In this session he shares this information with the man in your life. $100

Homebirth DeMystified Presentation (For Groups & Events)

Homebirth DeMystified is a PowerPoint presentation that answers many about homebirth. It includes the benefits of homebirth, how to create a birth plan, natural discomfort relief in labor and birth, breastfeeding, and Proper Postpartum Care™. This is an in-person presentation by me. Available for your Church, WombCircle, Rites Of Passage group, Natural Birth Conference, or Event. $500 

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