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I am Talise Xavier, The Homebirth Queen. Now, I didn't give my self the moniker of "Homebirth Queen" ,OK?  I was introduced to an audience by a discussion panel host who used that name in her introduction of me, back in 2016.  During the question and answer portion, after the discussion, the audience directed questions to me by saying, for example, "My question is for "the homebirth queen". I would blush, and was bashful upon hearing it each time. I must say that I was initially uncomfortable with being called that, and I thought it made me sound pretentious.  My husband however, who was in the audience that day, said it was perfect, and that I must assume the name.  Since then, Homebirth Queen has stuck and I am finally getting comfortable even hearing it myself. 


After sharing my knowledge and homebirth stories with so many women over the years, I was inspired to write a book so that I might share them with women everywhere.  My book,  Home Is Where The Birth Is: The Stories of My 6 Homebirths and How You Can Do it Too, is based on my personal homebirths, and my extensive experience with choosing midwives and doulas, breastfeeding, Proper Postpartum Care™, breech babies, twins, unassisted labor and delivery, and more.  

I now use my birth experiences and expertise to inspire and empower other women as a Natural pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Proper Postpartum Care™ advocate.  My mission is to encourage women to birth their way, Re-normalize homebirth, and to help educate women about their pregnancy and birthing options. You can buy the bookschedule a consultation with me, and find a midwife or doula in your area, all right here.  It is my intention that this website will assist me on my mission to Re-normalize homebirth, and that its resources will be of great benefit to you, and/or the women in your life.


I am honored to do this work, and I do it for women everywhere.

With all of my heart 💗, 


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Happy Homebirth
From Our Family To Yours! 


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